I haven’t touched my tablet in a good 6+ months.. have a new icon for my inspiration blog.


All done, Adrie! <3 I based it off one of your drawings but I hope you like it anyways :3

Brushes used x x x x x

I did a thing for a friend and posted it on my main account :D

Tiny 40% version with the general inks done :D 

I hope you can tell that’s supposed to me Lordaeron/Under City

God I forgot how hard it is to do anything in Teg -__-;;

i am surrounded by jerks and they frustrate me more often then not.

Only happy when it rains.

Felt like drawing me and the waifu in space school girl outfits <3

Hot damn I want that bag now!

Mortimae of the Shattered Sun by ~YellowRibbons

Mortimæ, my discipline and shadow priest. She belongs to the Shattered Sun Offensive before the Alliance.

Tubmlr was messing up the high-res viewing :c

I decided to redraw an old dA ID to see if I’d really gotten better.. turns out I have :D

Oh.. hello :3

I see that my instructions have gotten a lot of attention and brought me new followers. Hello and how do you do :D

For those of you who might be wondering what the instructions where for exactly it’s for my Etsy shop, ThePaperNebula.